Warning: You are losing money by not using Nepal


Sharing the border with two power banks of the world, China and India is a nation called Nepal. Nepal is a small country, stretching itself to the area of 147181 sq. km. The main attraction of this sovereign country is the altitude difference. The altitude varies from 60m from sea level to the world’s highest altitude i.e. 8848m.

Nepal is the heart of The Himalayas as 8 of the top 10 highest peaks of the world is situated in Nepal including the highest peak of the world Mt. Everest. Hence, the best destination of mountaineering is none other than Nepal. Nepal has some breathtaking landscapes for site seeing which attracts normal tourists seeking for refreshing holidays. Nepal doesn’t disappoint tourist seeking for some adventure. They can go for mountain climbing, bungee jumping from the highest jumping spot in the world, swing, skydiving, rafting in recklessly flowing rivers etc. Nepal also attracts the tourists who are interested in history, art, and culture, as Nepal is rich in cultural diversity and many historical monuments are still standing. Hence, Nepal has a great scope in the tourism industry. As Nepal has been listed as one of most affordable countries to travel. Being one of the cheapest and the beautiful country, who wouldn’t want to visit Nepal?

The base of every industry is the proper infrastructure. Hence, to improve tourism industry, proper infrastructures must be made strong. Infrastructure such as transportation, communication, comfortable lodging, desirable food, safety gears for adventurous sports etc. must be provided. So in the context of Nepal, this is one of the best industry to invest on.

According to statistics, Nepal is the second richest country in water resources. There are around 6000 big and small rivers in Nepal. Due to the variation of altitude, the rivers flow with huge velocity creating the opportunity for hydropower. The theoretical potential of hydropower in Nepal is around 84000 MW. But the irony is Nepal is not being able to generate one-tenth of that. Only if we could utilize the resource to its fullest, people of Nepal won’t have to deal with load shedding and power cuts. Not only that, electricity can also be sold to neighboring countries. Some large hydropower project has been started lately but still many of them are pending. Hence these days, hydropower is one of the best investment options.

Being a developing country, there are endless sectors which seriously needs investments. We can take examples of educational sectors, health sectors which need to be developed in Nepal. Due to centralization, all the major hospitals and universities are located in only the major cities such as Kathmandu, Pokhara. People requiring better health checkups and colleges are compelled to come to the major cities. Hence, for decentralization, universities and well-equipped hospitals needs to be opened. This will help to develop the nation overall.

So, there are many possible sectors which are in serious need of investment. The government and the investors need to pat their eye on these sectors. Working together we can proudly say “Yes we can!!” for the betterment the betterment of our country. Hence we can say that “You are losing money by not using Nepal”.


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