Why A level in NEPAL?

Why A level in NEPAL? 1

A Level is an international course affiliated to Cambridge University (UK)  just as +2 course offered by Nepal board and Indian board CBSE (NCERT). The General Certificate of Education (GCE) is one of the most internationally recognized qualifications at the secondary level having its recognition in more than 160 countries. It have its own updated syllabus designed for next generation students. Some basic part of syllabus match with Nepal board but few topics doesn’t match . It takes two years to complete this course same as +2 level in Nepal Board but students can attain exam at end of AS( 1st year) or at end of A2 ( 2nd year). Many renounced college are running A Level program with Cambridge university affiliation in Nepal. Students can attain exam in may/June or September/ October. 

          Students need to study A-Level for 24 months in two levels — A1 Level or AS Level and A2 Level. Those who have completed SLC, O-Level or International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) are eligible for A-Level.


  • offers flexibility to choose subjects from a wide range of subjects
  • updated course for next generation
  • students can select combination of subjects between science and management
  • students can attain exam as per his/her preparation i.e. at end of 1st year AS or at end of A2
  • It will match with course contain of most of college through world.
  • well managed examination and accurate exam date and result date as per scheduled.
  • efficient for those students who want to study abroad after secondary level (+2)
  • students are getting highest grades in various subjects from Nepal in whole world.


  • A-level syllabus doesn’t contain lots of topics which is included in Nepal board  but it is updated frequently.
  • if students want to study in Nepal after A- Level and attain entrance examination than they have to study some topics by them selves.
  • It is a bit expensive than Nepal board.
  • less popular outside Kathmandu valley.

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