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So the July, the Summer has landed for all of us in the northern hemisphere and the Google Play store is bursting with new games. If you are a androids user and looking for amazing games to try out few new hot striking out games this June then you are at the very Right spot! We have collected some names of very interesting and quite time spending and addictive names of game which are gonna fill up your summer gaming hunger with fun and avoid all your boredom in just few games.

You could go outside and enjoy the sunshine, but where’s the fun in that? Here are the best Android games to play this month.

1) Grimvalork

Source : Google Play

Grimvalor is a metroidvania game from developer, Direlight. Action platformers tend not to work too well on mobile due to the limitations of touch controls, but with Grimvalor, the devs have rather cleverly gone for a more simplified control system. Aggressive combos can be achieved by holding down the attack button and a dash button doubles as a roll when you are being attacked. But that’s not all there is for dungeon hunting console gaming fans.

There are some nice Bloodbourne tropes in here, particularly when manage to defeat one of the bosses. There’s also, as you’d expect, some pretty heavy platforming involved. You’ll need to hone your dashing and double jumping skills to scale the environments. Our own Christopher Gabbert has been playing the game and gave us this, one sentence review: “Grimvalor is a unique Dark Souls like game packed with classic sidescroller gameplay and convinces with good graphics, challenging fights and the triggered desire to progress further and further to level up your character.” You can also Get it on the Play Store

Compatibility: Varies with device

Price: Free ($6.99 IAP per item)

2) Alt-Frequencies

Source : Alt-Frequencies

When it was teased a couple of months ago, Alt-Frequencies really piqued our interest. It’s a game that challenges the very way we play. To master this game, you’ll need to use your ears. It was developed by Accidental Queens, the guys, and girls behind A Normal Lost Phone. We played a demo at Berlin’s A Maze festival for experimental games and like what we saw… wait no, heard!

The narrative unfolds as you listen to and disrupt different radio stations. The whole thing centers around a Groundhog Day-style time loop, updated for the podcast generation. You progress through the story by recording parts of the loop and playing them back to dispute other broadcasts. The game is out now, and critical response has been good. If you want to play something a little different this month, look no further than ALT-FREQUENCIES. You can Get it on the Play Store too.

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up

Price: $5.49

3) Palm Kingdoms 2: Remastered

Palm Kingdoms 2: Remastered
Source : Google Play

From a modern and innovative mobile game to something with a little more old-school charm. Palm Kingdoms 2: Remastered, from Russian studio Hack The Publisher, is a revamped version of the classic pixel strategy game. There are 75 scenarios to play through across more than 50 maps, all of which look great with that art style. There are also seven factions to master (Knight, Barbarian, Warlock, Sorceress, Necromancer, Wizard, Varangian), and you’ll be able to call upon 180 types of creatures for your armies.

The original version dates back to 2006. Back then it was called Pocket Heroes when it was released for Windows Mobile. The game series has been through several operating systems, including iOS and Linux, as well as several different names, before Palm Kingdoms 2 came out in 2011. Now, you can play the definitive version on your Android smartphone.

You can Get it on the Play Store

Compatibility: Android 4.2 and up

Price: $4.89

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Source : Youtube

If you haven’t tried any of these gaming most popular games of this year then hurry up and get your hands on these amazing game, these both are battle royal game where you are dropped on a amazing map /island where you have to look after weapons and other necessary stuff to beat other player stay until you be the last man standing one the game.

This game is also available at the playstore and its free to play but contains in game purchases so we call it freemium!

We have listed very few names to try but hope youll enjoy them but if you want to get more names for suggesting aftrr completing these games you can place your comment below and we’ll reach you as soon as possible or you can even mail us.

If you have used any of the game mentioned above then please share your experience.

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