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Hello guys/girls and today here we’ve sorted the list of highest, prime ten android screen recording apps for your good wants, Recording your actions on Android is a journey itself. whether or not it’s concerning showing off your diversion skills or making an academic video, screen recording is often in fame. There’re nearly thousands of apps offered stock-still and non-rooted for your android smartphone to settle on. The best screen recorder app for mechanical man is measured by its rendering options and user-friendliness. With an intention to assist you to select the simplest screen recording app, we’ve shortlisted some smart apps for you to present a shot:

Best Screen Recorder for android 2019:-

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder
Source : Google

AZ is one among the foremost widespread screen recorder apps on Google Play Store. excluding making HD and Full HD, it’s the sole screencast app within the list is paused and resumed whereas recording. You’re allowed to use mic and input the audio in conjunction with the screen capturing. Magic Button, overlay front camera and drawing on screen functions area unit the key player to drive its quality. It’s free and offers you to share on multiple platforms once you’re done. in contrast to different free apps, it doesn’t force a watermark, creating it additionally favorable.

2. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder
Source : Google

Mobizen could be an easy screen recorder app that allows you to record and edit the clip. It offers a full HD recording with 1080P Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality, 60 FPS you’ll be able to place your favorite background music or can place your own voice. Mobizen is another free app that provides free watermark removal.

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3. Stream Recording

Stream Recording
source : Google

This app could be a bit totally different than different screen recorders. Stream allows you to stream, watch and chat on live video. Screen recorder is one perform that Stream provides. It offers to broadcast your games, walk-throughs and far additional. to start out with Stream, simply signup exploitation Google, FB, Twitter or any email and

4. Vysor

Source : Google

Vysor mirrors your android on your pc. you’ll be able to management your device with the assistance of keyboard and mouse. If you wish, you’ll be able to share your screen for remote help. you’ll be able to play your favorite games on your pc whereas dominant the android. the sole blow for this app is, it’s not free if you’re searching for Associate in Nursing HD capturing.

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5. Google Play Games

Google Play Games
Source : Google

You got it right; its larger than you thought. Google Play Games isn’t confined to simply maintaining your diversion profiles however it’s an inherent screen recording functions. Not simply games however you record something you would like to. produce customized videos, record diversion skills or do something with Google Play Games. to start out the recorder, simply exit out of the app once you see the recording interface. sadly, it records solely 720p or 480p quality.

6. Round Screen Recorder

round Screen Recorder
Source : windows report

One Shot Screen Recorder is one among the neatest screen recorder app that works on the far side of your expectations. once you’re on the point of end recording in several apps, you tend to record a little a part of the unwanted clip. to get rid of that you just use another video editor app. round Screen Recorder frees you from getting in such state of affairs because it offers a Disable Recorder possibility for an explicit time when that you’ll be able to resume recording. learn that everything comes for a worth and this app charges with golf shot a watermark on the recording. to forestall system UI crash, make certain you don’t tick the ‘Don’t shot again’ prompt, as prompt by developers.

Overall, choosing one out of the pool of those ten apps could also be knotty for you. comparison your wants with the options provided by apps would assist you to get the proper one. the simplest screen recorder app for Android should be measured by its quality of options and user-friendliness that it offers. Most of those apps support mechanical man five and later however if you’re exploitation an older version and crave to undertake them once, you will strive growth your device.

If you have used any of the apps mentioned higher than remember to share your expertise and feedback.

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