Best Nepali Apps 2019


Hello friends and today here I’ll be sharing a list of best Nepali apps that are currently in the air and are very popularly in use.

Living in the 21st century is the century of high tech mobile computing technology which as enormously diverted the focus of all sites to work over the mobile application platforms including the birth of several new mobile app creation companies and so on.

These works have a more significant part of affection over the community at the moment.

More than using sites, people nowadays prefer using mobile application with customized UI for better performance and more usages.

This revolution has provided better work employment and self business development for those in the IT sectors.

So now without any more delay, let’s start the count of 10 best Nepali apps existing in 2019.

1) E-Sewa/Khalti

Best Nepali Apps 2019 1
Best Nepali Apps 2019 2

So instead of putting them into different names, we thought of adding them into the single compartment as they both share quite similar properties from features such as loading money in the wallet to various other option such as utility payments, flight bookings, movie tickets and so much more.

These apps also have QR scanners program within it for which, the scan and pay mode has been easily come into handy to use for the users out there.

Also not to forget to mention these apps are one of the most used apps for practical basis, and they have made our Nepalese lifestyle more convenient.

Also, one cannot mention forgetting how these apps had helped many youths collect free worth of money by the refer and share an engagement with had a massive boost among the users for these apps.

Whereas among these two, esewa is about to develop its esewa pasal where the partial part has been introduced with earlier into the app even though it needed more investment of time and money to improvise.

Also, these apps have widely contributed to promoting cashless trends nowadays and are quite handy at times when we go cash out.

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2) Hamro Patro

Best Nepali Apps 2019 3

When it comes to records this app remains unbeatable from an extended period, yes we are talking about the most downloaded app in the history of Nepalese mobile communication technology.

Hamro Patro is widely used and easily recognizable by any smartphone user as this app doesn’t only tells you the date in a different format but also supports a no. Of other beneficial features.

Not to forget to mention that it’s multicultural and Multilingual Nepali calendar which presents every Nepali festival, cultural events, forex and other features too such as Features:

  • Nepali Patro
  • Nepali FM Radios
  • Nepali Panchanga
  • Hamro Audio
  • News Update
  • Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Gold and Silver Price
  • Horoscope/Zodiac
  • Literature Blog

3) Hamro Keyboard

Best Nepali Apps 2019 4

With the succession of the top-rated hamro patro app, the company was very much motivated to be working in Nepalese essential requirement based apps that are beneficial for daily uses purpose and more than that they were determined to serve the Nepali culture.

So here stands the hamro keyboard, so as you expect this keyboard is working on Nepali fonts and language. So anyone can use this keyboard to type upon any app in their preferred language Nepali.

The app is supposed to support three keyboard layouts, Unicode Transliteration, MPP based Romanized layout, and traditional layout. App also features Emoji support, Stickers, Themes, and Numeric Keypad with the latest update.

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4) Tootle

Best Nepali Apps 2019 5

Are you traveling alone? Need a lift on a 2 wheeler to beat the traffic and time?

So tootle introduces you the two-wheeler cab booking World where you can now book a two-wheeler cab to the destinations you like to go.

So the app is built to be serving only within the Kathmandu valley hence this one has no use outside that yet in the upcoming time it’s expected to bring the revolution in the modes of transportation by helping users share their rides for pay.

5) Foodmandu

Best Nepali Apps 2019 6

Are you feeling lazy and hungry? So this one is all the chosen for you. So food mandu is Nepal’s first food delivery service app that lets you order your food from the desired restaurant within the Kathmandu city and Lalitpur.

The app has successfully run well and has done very well in the past few months, with the tremendous overall response from the users.

6) Nepali Dictionary

To promote the use of Nepali language and for those who are willing to learn Nepali to English or English to Nepali, this one is an excellent choice for you.

For an outsider, this app is a beneficial source to follow to easily make their way throughout the nation without any issues on language differences.

The app consists of two dictionaries – English-English-Nepali Dictionary and Nepali-English Dictionary. Both of these are base on highly cited books authored by Choodamani Gautam.

It’s Features:

  • Comprehensive Word List
  • Completely offline
  • Both-way-Dictionary
  • Learning Word Pronunciations
  • Image and Illustration
  • Word Games

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7) Daraz Online Shop

Best Nepali Apps 2019 7

Talking about Nepal’s no 1 shopping site/application, Daraz is a beautiful place for shoppers put there this one has an extensive range of collection of products including several items from stationery products to toys to gadgets to all sorts of need.

This connects users to the store via an app such it ensures that the market isn’t left behind this digital race. It has almost similar features to what popular site such as Amazon and Flipkart has been offering to its customers.

8) Ludo Neo-Classic

If you haven’t played this game, then I recommend you try this one very soon if you like promoting the Nepali apps as talking about this one it’s the first-ever Nepali variant of Ludo game available for mobile.

The game features have both classic and new modern design & set of customizable along with international rules. This is a top-rated application with over 10 Million+ downloads that had entertained millions of people when they were down the charts of work.

Moreover, needed some refreshments from the help of this old popular game in its digital evolution form.

9) Onlinekhabar

Best Nepali Apps 2019 8

So talking about this one, this app has a wide variety of need collections and had been able to build up a good base in a short time. keeps updating political, economic, social, and entertainment-related events every single second, which is the reason why it’s one of the most popular news site apps.

No doubt upon its popularity ad, these app is being used in more than 140 countries with the Nepalese fan base.

10) Bank App

So, friends, this one isn’t the name for any particular app, it’s just a category of app. So if you won a mobile application, then you are already very familiar with this one.

So here you have options such as mobile recharge utility payment options, wallet top up and much more to try out.

Moreover, the best part raises that almost every bank has its banking app even though the same company powers many of them but its an excellent relief to users to get the Opportunity to handle money transactions in fee seconds easily.


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