Best Online Payment Service Providers in Nepal


Hello friends and welcome back today. So today we’ll be talking on the topics of online payment services and best 10 online payment service providers in Nepal. So before starting the list let’s get into the intro.

So as we all are familiar with, Nepal is a poor economic-based country. Also, with a distinct lack of technological advancements in the term when compared to other rising developing countries.

However, talking about the presents status of Ecommerce and online marketing platform development, Nepal is still working hard to bring the revolutionary change to get itself pushed to the race of technology.

There are launching of a various e-commerce site for shopping, flooding, banking, a business supplying, etc. which has promoted the growth of the digital market of Nepal.

If we see Nepal as it was a decade ago it had no e-commerce website running properly, payment gateways for public use were limited. However, looking at the present context, it’s fantastic.

The country has been promoting the use of digital devices for enhancing the digital market. Along with the help of several global companies, Nepal has reached a better way.

However, the advancement for the promotion of these movements hasn’t reached its peak.

The online payment gateways have played one of the essential parts of improving the digital status of Nepal for the public uses.

Banks had their payment gateways for their personal use. However, here I am talking about personal uses and having sites or apps to let you transfer any amount in seconds where ever you like has been a life-saving measure along with saving tons of time and effort.

Earlier adding money to the bank was quite a big issue you had to reach bank on time, filling up the vouchers waiting hours in a line to get your work done.

This entire process had been modernized now you have easy access over the money transfer procedure within simple clicks.

So on the honor of such payment wallets or gateway that has profoundly contributed to the development, we have tried to enlist the best 10 possible gateway ways that you can try out.

These are very safe, and also they own fantastic customer support services too. Talking over some of the most renowned are Esewa, Khalti, I- or Epay, IME Pay, Nabil or Himalayan bank and Qpay.

So below, we will describe 10 of the most used online payment gateways in Nepal.

1) Esewa

Best Online Payment Service Providers in Nepal 1

Starting with the best and most known name upon the list, this site has been operating since 2009, so talking about Esewa, it’s one of the most trusted and recognized internet payment service provider that provides several types of payment services such as money transfer, bank withdrawal bill payments and other necessary things for our daily lifestyle.

Also, esewa almost covers all sorts of payment service and now as seen it has started using bar code feature in the retail shops and other places such as restaurants for the payment work making the environment cashless. This one is available at the play store.

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2) Khalti

Best Online Payment Service Providers in Nepal 2

Movies next, we have another top-rated mobile wallet app. So khalti is also quite popular and shares quite similar features like esewa but little less.

Despite that this one highly used for movies tickets utility payments and other kinds of stuff like that. The name khalti is based upon the Nepali word khalti. This one is available at the play store.

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3) Banking app

So one isn’t the name but represents a category of mobile banking apps that enables the user to transact money anywhere, and also it’s used to make some simple payments such as electricity, mobile top-ups, wallet top-ups. They are available as apps on play store.

4) Ipay

Best Online Payment Service Providers in Nepal 3

So this one is also very commonly used as an online payment service provider that allows its users to make secure payments of utility bills that also include mobile balance top-ups. So this one is available as an app on the play store.

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5) Qpay

Best Online Payment Service Providers in Nepal 4

“Payment Simplified” is the slogan of the company Qpay and its one of the oldest online payment app that once got quite popular because of its referral offers but talking of its contributions,

Qpay has revolutionized the mobile payment option into a very user-friendly and straightforward payment gateway or mobile payment app. This one is also available at the play store.

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6) SCT MoCo

Best Online Payment Service Providers in Nepal 5

So SCT MoCo stands here for the SmartChoice Technologies which are aimed to be focusing upon integrated, simple payment gateway systems which are highly compatible with ATM’s and mobile devices.

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7) nPay

Best Online Payment Service Providers in Nepal 6

Very similar to what Qpay works as, just here the difference is that this online payment service provider is designated to work with the banks for better and easy user setup of the payment gateway.

Focusing on the development of m-banking, e-banking and accepts credit and debit cards across the country for online payments.

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8) IME Pay

Best Online Payment Service Providers in Nepal 7

So reaching to another vastly growing Web wallet app for Nepali people out there, this site also has its app and several cash points across the country.

At cashpoints, you can either load money to your wallet or also withdraw tee money from your wallet or bank. This is also known as one of the amiable mobile payment services in Nepal, You can get cash withdrawals at the cash points via IME agents.

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9) ePay

Best Online Payment Service Providers in Nepal 8

EPay is genuinely promoting the term electronic payment. So this one owns it easy and straightforward working method such that you don’t need a bank account for the compulsion to use this instead you can try your wallet here to make simple payments.

10) PayWay

Pay Way Nepal is small but growing simple and essential online payment service provider that allows merchants to generate payments gateway in their site such that consumers can easily use them for prepayment purposes.


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