Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal


Today we hit users list of some Coolest online shopping sites in Nepal. So starting with the intro, the online market or online shopping sites in Nepal has been recently developing with rapid growth in the no of consumers also.

There’s a reasonable response rate from the users to support the growth of online shopping sites. Despite the fact, Nepal is entirely backward in IT sectors still there are big hopes for some revolutionary changes and its one of the most significant part of it.

The people of bigger cities tremendously use online sites for shopping. As the concept of online shopping sites was introduced to Nepali citizen by the help of sites such as and the Flipkart which are one of the most successful sites for our neighbourhood India also including which has also stated its influence towards Nepal and making its first step by purchasing the and later turning into Daraz.

Looking back at the past, the Ecommerce section was far behind than anyone could have imagined, but now it is building up and has settled deep roots.

So the overall effect of the online> shopping sites has rendered in the growth of several sorts of business.

Like people are using online sites more are easy to suspect that they aren’t entering the local market much so this way, it has affected the local markets.

However, on the other hands, the online shopping sites are easy to check out, and also users get competitive prices there. Also, there’s no system to bargain, so there’s one price for all.

That also includes that no one will be looted with the special price for no reason. Which is quite commonly happening in our country.

The use of online shopping sites has also triggered the home delivery services that help us to get products available at far distances efficiently at our home or nearby location without much issue and very low costing.

This has also made an excellent platform for the logistics companies to run free and wild and also a wide gate has opened for them. The growth of these online shopping sites is directly proportional to the growth of these logistics.

So let’s begin the countdown of top trending shopping sites of Nepal.

Top 10 online shopping site in Nepal :


Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 1

Hamro bazar is no doubt one of the leading platforms in the context of Nepal for online shopping purpose. So the site is free to visit and also has allocated a wide range of variety of products from new to used all there.

So if you want some old things, then this one also covers that part and not to forget to mention that it’s straightforward to use. You find a product, Contact the dealer, lock the deal, and you are ready to have your hands over the product soon.

Despite other items, it has also created a selling platform for automobile and other sectors here too.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 2

It was so talking about one of the most popular selling site for Nepal, Daraz. It was earlier known as the, but later its entire share was bought by the business group,

It a Chinese company that has been working on a global level.
Despite that, the Daraz is estimated to be one of the highest-selling sites in Nepal with an extensive range of variety of products. Moreover, it also has its app available at the play store.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 3

No doubt when you speak of, its currently one of the biggest online sites for accessories, clothing, electronics, apparels, etc. on a lower price that’s worth the deal as per it name says.

So quite similar to another site this one also has a wide range of products, but this one owns its own very personal app where the supers can use it for placing an order.

Also not to forget to mention its one of the most popular characteristics it has the options to track your order via the route unless the item is delivered. So all you need here is the order id and the order mobile no to make a tracking search.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 4

Talking about another different than regular shopping site, this one is also a home for sellers as this one also allows people to quickly sell their products too.

Also not to forget to mention, this site isn’t just limited to providing online shopping but also allows a platform for News, Events, Deals, Community Forum, Polls, Quizzes, Videos, and Contests. Also, Nepbay provides Grocery shopping facilities.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 5

So the is the online version of the Muncha House. So this one just like an online shopping mall where you get all the products from the Muncha House available at this site for secure purchase by just resting at home in just a few clicks.

This one has a very significant response while offline but now when digitized this one issue expected to perform across the nation.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 6

So shopping of food has now become a global trend. We are learning from someone of famous companies like Uber Eats, swiggy, Zomato, etc.

So the food mandu is a site as well as a mobile application that aims to provide instant home delivery services of food. So to use if you create an account, place an order, make the payment, and you have the excellent food to eat.

Order whatever you wish its all fresh and the site has been tremendously gaining good followers.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 7

From the name is quite clear, as it as mentioned its target by above. Phuche means kid another language, so as a result of this the company has targeted the services of providing the baby accessories to the consumers.

Including baby food, clothes, diapers, and also mother care items such that almost covering every baby needs. They are getting products delivered right to your door.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 8

So thulo is a growing popular e-commerce site where it holds around hundreds of brand waiting to be dealt. So this site has tons of variety of product which you can buy in just a few clicks either by visiting the official site or also by the help of its android/iOS app available on the play store/app store.

So this site also holds a feature of its wallet for small refunds or secure payment, including rewards collection.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 9

In the race of pre-payment delivery services based site, this one has aimed to provide COD Services. So as people are very new to online shopping, they don’t intend to pay before they get the product, so it got it covered well.

Also, this one is a tech-based site so you’ll be getting here many gadgets and another mobile, laptop, etc. and their accessories too.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal 10 is a journey of success itself. From selling other companies product to launching their self as a brand. This site has come through a long journey.


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