Top 9 Online Food Service Apps in Nepal

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Today again, we will be talking about some of the top-rated fooding apps available in Nepal. So basically starting with the intro, Nepal is a small, naturally prosperous and digitally progressive country.

So there are a variety of people of different languages and culture living here. That also includes a variety of food forms and categories. In short, there’s vast diversity of a variety of food available in the country of its own.

When added with some of the world’s best dishes to the list to share the types of food people here prefer to eat, the menu is going to be very chartbuster. As similar to what India offers, Nepal is also rich in spices as there’s a variety of terrains available that helps in the growth of a wide range of spices. So looking at the department of fooding, people here are highly into eating different sorts of food.

So when adding these fantastic need of recognition of food with today’s, 21st centuries Technologies the services you can only imagine a decade ago has now practically been possible and is successfully running out across the country.

There are apps like food mandu, bhojdeals, etc. which have been successfully initiated the trend of online food services here in Nepal.
So basically looking at the weaker part of Nepal, Nepal was surely very back in technological enhancements but these new startup are using the technology which have made Nepal move forward in this field.

At times when the youths of the nation are bound to run away from the government because of issues such lack of deserving job opportunities and damaged.

1) Fymo

Top 9 Online Food Service Apps in Nepal 1

So Flymo is a popular trending food app. This site has been providing services currently within the city areas. The app includes food from a variety of restaurant. So if you are looking for food at your doors, then this could be a better choice to make.

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2) Foodmandu

Top 9 Online Food Service Apps in Nepal 2

Talking about Nepal’s most trending and one of the oldest or let’s call it the first every food delivery service app. So foodmandu is a name kept over relating food with the Kathmandu city. Which also justifies that the service is city-oriented.

Talking more about it, the app holds a high no of food items, including a wide range of foods from other restaurants. The service is free to make, but you’ll have to pay the charges for the delivery and the food.

You can even call this one a game-changer as this one is one of the primary reasons behind the growth of online food service in Nepal. Nepal has finally now been revolutionized by the new trends, including shopping as an online food service. Such a level of acceptance to these services has given massive growth to the new entrepreneurs and youths to work within the nation.

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3) Bhojdeals

Top 9 Online Food Service Apps in Nepal 3

So another big name that comes after food mandu is the, very own and very popular Bhojdeals. So the apps are available on the playstore and the app store. The apps have an online payment feature with its payment gateway to make the transactions easier. So now the public can easily enjoy the fooding service at their home with bhoj deals.

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4) Nepali Bhancha Kbh N

Top 9 Online Food Service Apps in Nepal 4

With the name, you are very clear with what it means. So for those who didn’t catch that, it’s Nepali flooding house. So this name has its fanbase and when combines with the 21st venture technology and delivery service to the door. The fun is enormous.

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5) 911 Food Express

Top 9 Online Food Service Apps in Nepal 5

So the name is unique using no.s to have but don’t get failed here. The services here are quite good and try despite just exceptional to name, but the facilities are well responding. Also, as per seen, the app holds a great variety of food.

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6) MeroKinmel

Top 9 Online Food Service Apps in Nepal 6

So this Kinmel app is also a trending app to be talking about. This one features some good collection of menus. With secure payment options such as online payment. And soon you’ll be having your food with you in no time.

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7) Foodmario

Top 9 Online Food Service Apps in Nepal 7

Moving next to, we have a portion of food, Mario. Yes, the name is similar to our childhood’s most popular game, the 90s legendary Mario. So this food site has nothing else related to do with the game. The site features a wide range of food option with several restaurants and has services limited to the city.

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8) Find Your Food

So literally if you are finding your food in your house, you can’t get over the pieces of stuff you are seeking to have. Then this one has your feel. This app lets you easily place orders. Add address, make a payment, and then soon the hot food gets to your door.

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9) Ghar Ko Khaja

What’s better, then food from home. So if you are a foodie, you surely can’t miss chances to admire home food. So the name of the company has an emotional attachment with all those people leaving their house and staying away for some essential purpose. So similar to another popular app this site does have some good tasty homelike food to kill your hunger with health

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