Release of Android 10 Version


Android 10, also known as Android Q. The coded name is quite familiar to the sort of unique names. Android has been giving to the android version whether it was the android version 4.0 the kit kat or the market shaking version android 7. 0 the Nougat. Apart from naming the android editions with sweets and cakes, finally the company has taken it to a serious name for the latest addition to the android franchise. 

Starting with the company’s introduction, Android was launched, crafted, and well distributed the one and only Google. One of the most significant search engines that hold several significance across the world of the mobile communication technology. This company plays a vital for several other mobile companies by serving them one of the best OS of the era, Android. Adding more to it, Android has now added to 17 versions. Till Android 10 (Android Q) being one of the latest addition to the series.

The actual release was leaked quite some time ago, which lead to several leads of the expectations of the upcoming android edition followed with one of the world’s most extensive user base for a mobile communication platform.

The android Q has currently been under the beta phase, that means it has not been officially launched for use also the trial is under beta mode which ensures that an even greater and better range of software delivered to the other end of the globe. 

With most of rumors and leaks, it was very sure that the tech giant company is ready and all set to head for a fixed launch of the very awaited OS launch. But with more confirmation over the news now the software update is estimated to be launched within the first week of the September. So, moreover the expected date is all supposed to be around 3rd of September from the Google however most of the devices already in the sales can’t be easily accessible to the very new Andriod update.

But the new models are likely to be preferring to sharing good hands over to support the launch and running of the operating system. So currently running across the users are the beta edition of you have seen anyone using the very new Android Q. Also, the update was tried over minimal devices, including the Google pixel L and XL. 

This company promises the new variant to be even worthy than any of its version of the Android that lasted over. People are very fond of seeking for the new sorts of android updates taking minimal usage of the hardware for well balanced and maintained running of the system. 

Currently, the OS is on the beta mode which counts under total six beta editions launched for the android Q. The vokaomy launched the first-ever beta edition in March 2019 while the OS was limited to Google Pixel devices along with some extended period for other devices with crazily hike on demand for the very awaited OS. Moreover, looking into the legacy of what Android has been serving it’s worth checking out the sort of gigs it has settled now for the fans.

Android 10 introduces a very well managed full-screen gesture system, with support for a wide range of familiar gestures including those old kind gestures as well as the new ones. 

So listing down few of the option that is used or can be used with the new edition of the android series the android Q

  • Swipe from either side edge of the display to let the users go back. 
  • They are swiping up keys the user to go to the home screen. 
  • Swiping up and holding to access Overview. 
  • Finally but heading to one of the most loved portions of any android device you’ll find is the Google Assistant key, where swiping diagonally from a bottom corner of the screen to allows the user to activate the Google Assistant. 
  • You are swiping along the gesture bar at the bottom of the screen to switch apps (recent tabs).

Support of these gestures is mandatory, but OEMs are free to add their gestures alongside these core gestures.

Also about the company’s brand name and prestige, the challenge raises open to the policy it serves and comes for the user adding to where the legacy three-key navigation style remains very well supported.

Doesn’t only ends here but also has supported the growth of the API development such well where apps can use it to opt-out of any handling a back gesture thing.

In addition to that, also these are all ranging within specific areas of the screen. 

A sensitivity control was also added for adjusting the size of the target area to tune the system into proper sync genuinely and to activate the gesture.

Google later stated that the drawer widget would support being “peeked” by long-pressing near the edge of the screen, and then seamlessly moved to swipe open.

So if you are a beta user then definitely don’t forget to share your feedback and response with us at the comment section below or also you can mail us your experience.

And for even more news and update over the updates stay connected.

Also for those who didn’t get significant part what the race is about, we’ll Android is operating system software for the mobile application with being itself one of the leading operating systems for mobile devices.

So this was all about the latest android update coming soon this year.


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