Best Smartwatches in Nepal below 10k

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Smartwatches have been quite a fancy and revolutionary wear that has been very popularly used among today’s generation.

Smartwatches are something beyond you expect from an ordinary digital /analog watches. Genuinely watches are preferred to be sharing time, date, and stopwatch feature only, but the development of science micro technology led it successfully for the birth of the smartwatches.

The smartwatches we seek are also available at prices as low as 1-2000 in Nepal but those are deemed to be very low-end copies and replica of a higher budget smartwatch, despite the talking about that these watches also have useful features but less life so today we have enlisted a good range of smartwatches you’ll have comes across-the-board below 10k budget in Nepal.

These are the top Best Smartwatch Under 10k in Nepal (1st September 2019):

  • Huami Amazfit Bip Cinnabar Red Smartwatch
  • Mizco DZ09 Black Smartwatch
  • JOKIN A2 Bluetooth Smart Watch (Apple 
  • Watch Clone)
  • Intex IRIST PRO Black Smartwatch
  • Life Like V8 phone BLUE Smartwatch

1. Huami Amazfit Bip Cinnabar Red Smartwatch

Best Smartwatches in Nepal below 10k 1

Starting with today’s first name over the list, we have one of the leading brands as the representative for this watch.

Yes, I am talking about Huawei. So the clock comes with a quick and simple and a beautiful Display of Size Around 1.28-inch.

So the device is well functional and performing under extraordinary circumstances, and there’s been a great approach from the audience for this watch at this rate of budget.

Talking moreover the specs, the watches also comes along with a Battery Life of Up to 30 Days which is truly incredible that also means one single charge can last your around a month which is worth your money.

Also additions to that let’s also not forget to check out its other feature too, it also has Activity Tracking Features which can check your Burned Calories, Elevation, Sleep Tracking, Multisport Tracking: Track Runs, Cycling and More with Mapped Routes, Detailed Stats and Heart Rate Zones, Always-on Reflective Color Display.

The display is of 3rd Gen 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass with AF Coating.

Along with such a budget for this device offers so many much features, the device also offers you a Warranty of 1 Year. 

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2. Intex IRIST PRO Black Smartwatch

Best Smartwatches in Nepal below 10k 2

With failure over being at the top for the leading smartphone brand over India, the company has also made its next steps over the smartwatch industry where this Pro Black smartwatch is well-deserving one with a better price and excellent service for your need.

The device comes along with a great Display of size 1.6-inch, which is excellent. But the device also has some drawbacks as the battery in the smartwatches lasts only for around 6 hours when used.

Which is quite low, but the reasons behind it can be well understood as the device holds so much of features and hardware to run over the battery it gets out of power after 6 hours. 

Addition to the intro, the Features of this device can be seen below.

  • Can View Call Logs as they Appear on Smartphone
  • Battery Size: 400 mAh. 
  • Operating Temperature: -20 Degree C to 50 Degree C
  • Average Charging Time up to 3 Hrs

Not only that but also the device offer the users a warranty period of around one year that’s amazing. 


3. Zebronics Smart Time 200 Black Smartwatch

Best Smartwatches in Nepal below 10k 3

So this device comes with a great sized display of width around 2.71 inch which also not to forget to mention the device holds an OLED display.

Also talking about the life of the power backup the battery life is estimated around 5-6 hours of usage as the device comes with a grater scene and so much of hardware to use out the power.

Despite the fact just being a mere smartwatch with great size and better price, the device comes with features such as GPS, CALLING, BLUETOOTH, EMAIL SUPPORT, AND SO MUCH MORE WORTH YOUR MONEY.

Also, the company ensures a warranty period of around one year for the users to check-in.

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4. Mizco DZ09 Black Smartwatch

Best Smartwatches in Nepal below 10k 4

The device mizco DZ09 comes with a standard display sized around 1.54-inch which is fair enough yet little small for easy use to access over the watch.

Also comes with a great design but one thing that’s going to screw up the thing is its low battery backup which only ensures 4 hours, which is quite small. 

Adding to that despite low time usage the device will come with great features such as Calculator, Anti Lost Feature, Audio Player, Sound Recording, Supports Bluetooth Headphones which makes it a deserving name on our list. The company offers a warranty period of around six months. 

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5. JOKIN A2 Bluetooth Smart Watch

Best Smartwatches in Nepal below 10k 5

Finally moving into today’s last name for top smartwatches under 10k in Nepal, so here we have a JOKIN A2 Bluetooth smartwatch with around a display size of 1.44-inch.

Also, the device comes with a standard battery life of 5 hours which is also not quite enough a the tools are expected to past last at least for a day despite that it comes with a great design and build quality.

The smartwatch offers features such as activity tracker, Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind. Also offers around a warranty period of 6 months.

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