Top 3D Printers for 2019


The term printers have been very commonly used, and most of us are very familiar with those standard printers in our daily life. The evolution of the printers has been gone in a very unmatched way from those drum printers to laser inkjet printers. The system has been working extravagantly to perform under several circumstances. 

Talking on that was just about the 2D printers. 

But moving ahead with time and technology advancement has finally moved to the birth of 3D printers a few years back.

From the time back then there have been several companies working hard enough to launch a better, cheaper, versatile and a compact version of such printers to make it easy to assemble and use for each individual and expanding the reach of this printer with better pricing and easy availability of its components. Today we’ll be looking over some of the very top-rated printers across the world.

1. Monoprice Voxel ($399)

Top 3D Printers for 2019 1

Starting with the top-rated and also one of the best budget rated 3d Printers, mono price voxel unlocks a wide range of possibilities for the enthusiastic users seeking for an item worth the money and within a tight budget.

However, come cool modification could cost them some good bucks for even better professional adjustments.

Talking on the specification of these printers, the printer is undoubtedly a 3D printer with type FFF. Also, the device is capable of performing printings of layer Resolution ranging from 50 to 400 microns, which is remarkably good for the price.

The device supports a wide range of input supply materials for the print such as materials like ABS, PLA, Bronze fill, Wood Fill, Copper Fill, Steel Fill, etc.

A further addition to the specs, the build volume of the device is ranged around 6.9 x 6.9× 6.9 inches, which are standard for simple works. Also, the total size of the Printer Size is varied around 15.9 x 15.7 x 15 inches with a weight of 19.8 pounds.

Adding a few words over the printer, the printer comes with excellent quality of output at high speed. Also, the device is very seamlessly easy to use and learn for any beginner also.

The device does support cloud software support but has some minor issues over the WiFi connectivity, so it finally a great choice to move for.

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2. LulzBot Mini 2 ($1485)

Top 3D Printers for 2019 2

Despite also being termed as one of the best intermediate printers, this one is a really hot deal for me your need. Either personal or professional, adults or kids this printer has won hearts all over the generation. Being not just high priced but also gives you the quality you deserve.

Moving into the specification part, so plainly as also earlier said this one is a 3D type: FFF printer.

This powerful system is capable of printing layer resolution of around 50 microns to 400 microns, which is quite significant for the output quality you seek for.

Also, about the type of materials it uses or it’s capable of working with are PLA, ABS, TPU, Etc.

The device offers a significant build volume of around 7 ×6. 3 × 6. 3 inches. The printer weighs around a weight of 19.9 pounds ( approx 9-10kg).

Also moreover the specs the overall review for the print is excellent with the unbeatable speed at this range along with a massive quality of printing.

Also, the device is a perfect choice to go along with its variety of options to follow up. Despite its quite expensive with similar models but this one isn’t going to disappoint with its specs at all.


3. Ultimaker 3 ($3495)

Top 3D Printers for 2019 3

For all those enthusiastic people looking for a creative piece of machinery to learn and workout with their inner creative spirit, introducing you to the ultimate 3. The passionate’s choice for a better 3d printer.

Unlike the other, those two mentioned printers above this very 3d printer is a TYPE FDM based printer with over layer resolution ranging from 20 microns to 200 microns which is remarkably impressive.

This level of accuracy is too good for your needs despite while comparing it to the other printers might cost you time, but for the quality it’s worth.

So it also supports an extensive range of materials for printing purposes such as Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE, and PVA.

Next is the build volume; the build volume is settled at 8.5 x 8.5 x 7.99 inches. Whereas the printer’s total size is around 23 x 19 x 13.5 inches. The device weighs about 23.5 pounds of weight.

Except for the specs and the size part, talking about its performance, the device is very excellent for not just only the hardware used but also the software with also includes Seamless work.

It also gives you the superb quality you’ll be amazed to have. Being a professional sort of thing, it’s quite highly ranged yet the item is worth the money you got.

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4. Formlabs Form 2 ($849)

Top 3D Printers for 2019 4

So last but not least as there’s an even more comprehensive range of selection you could rely on your specified needs, we have sorted them as per our choices and the review from the users.

Formlabs form 2 is also known as one of the best resin printers avail in the market for the rate. Now you might be wondering whats a resin printer.

So let me explain this is a printer that works only with the very specified materials, that is resin in this case which ensures the machine is fully compatible and gives the best as the hardware is all ready to be working with the resin when compared to what the other top 3 has done.

So this printer is also different than all the printers mentioned above, as this is a TYPE: SLA printer with a layer resolution of 25 microns which is fixed. The device works only with resin, as also mentioned earlier.

The build volume offers by this printer is around 5.7 x 5.7 x 6.9 inches which are quite great but also the total size of the printer is quite massive  20.5 x 13.6 x 13 inches. The system weighs around 29 pounds of weight.

Moreover that, the reasons to choose this set is very wise as this one gives excellent quality with resolution as high as 25 microns as this one is all set to work with only one material that resin the building of the device is well crafted for that.

Also, the machinery is very easy to learn and use for new users. One thing you might be unhappy is with the fact that the resin and the printer both are highly charged in the market.

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