Top 5 Job Portals for Nepal

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The Internet has been a boon to the entire community of Nepal as well as similar to other countries too.

No doubt there’s been a very massive and rapid growth in the no users very recently in a concise span of 5 years.

So with its enormous growth, the interrelating and communication medium has also been boosted very carefully, which also has gifted the option to seek tons of useful services online.

Today here in the context of Nepal we’ll be discussing over some of the top leading job portals which have been contributing a lot in its respective field and for people who are indeed in search of some good jobs.

So across the Internet, we have finally sorted out a good enough list to help you out through you vacancy issues not just only that for those companies who are also infested to offer join can try these sites out for better candidates application.

So let’s start the count for some of the very leading job portals in Nepal.

1. Merojob

Top 5 Job Portals for Nepal 1

Starting with one the best job providing companies or let’s say the online portals to offer you one the best job offering service in the nation. With a very simple and authentic name, mero job, this portals has also bee ranked as top job portals for Nepal by none other than Alexa (Alexa ranking).

The well-deserving is estimated with almost 100+million views along with 2.5 million very progressive visits from the user ends every month.

These no are great when you talk about for a country with a population of around three crores.

An extensive range of job seekers tough around the size of 350,00 is registered with the page successfully.

The company is helping to provide all sorts of job possibilities in the nation from small to big to the deserving candidates.

Not only just with job proposals, but this company has also been organizing pieces of training and seminars for the job seekers for a better future along with professional career counseling from top-level counselors.

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2. Jobs Nepal

Top 5 Job Portals for Nepal 2

You are so moving ahead into the top lists of job portals, presenting you our another champion site, none other than jobs Nepal.

So the gateway is settled with a straightforward name but doesn’t let you fool out. This one does serve you way far better than you could expect.

As also mentioned earlier about the Alexa ranking, this one was standing just beneath the holder of the number one rank in Alex’s ranking no doubt over its performance in the context of Nepal.

Also introducing to the site, this is also one of the most significant employment focusing sites with affiliation over the to multiple companies for offering job services to the needy youths.

Also doesn’t end only up to Nepal but this site has also been sending Nepalese citizens abroad for taking jobs, which is the quite tremendous and worth appraisal — helping in pushing the economy upper.

The portal receives a very reasonable charge, well it’s not free, so you are bound to pay some amount to get help sorted from the company.

Apart from these, the company is well found to be very determined to offer a better future for employment to Nepal in the coming time.

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3. RamroJob

Top 5 Job Portals for Nepal 3

Familiar with its decent meaning of the name, the Ramro Job also meant as “good job” is one of the highly followed companies or let’s call job portals for thousands of enthusiastic job seekers across the nation serving an extensive range of people. is run by none other than the Creative Job Pvt. Ltd and also being one of the growing job portals in Nepal.

As expected for a top-level job portal, this one does involve a wide range of job opportunities to several people out there.

For those worried about the economical charges, well this one offers free job posting services and also aims to provide a piece of detailed information over jobs to the consumers at free of cost.


4. Kumari Jobs

Top 5 Job Portals for Nepal 4

Moving next, Kumar Is jobs is also the current time one of the leading online job portals with serving thousands of customers who require proper job services.

Along with that, this company is a Kathmandu based operating company, so you visit its office during the office hours for any issues regarding this term.

Also, the company is led by First Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

The best thing that most of the people recommend about this company is its professionalism, with v er multiple well-organized teams of professionals sorting your needs out this one holds the name over this list.

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5. Mero Rojgari

So introducing you to another official, Nepali name for a job portal, Mero Rojgari ” my Job.”

Currently, the company is well dedicated to expanding its reach to a vast no. of companies to offer a better range of job opportunities and placements to the number of youths and needy people.

So starting to apply for this company’s portal begins with the submission of your very own resume and some necessary documents, and then this company which is linked with more than 1300 companies offering around an even greater no.

In of job services in the meantime is worth place in today’s list.

Times when unemployment in the country touching peaks, such online portal sites have remarkably involved in setting a better future of the nation with improving the living style of thousands of Nepali with a deserving job instead of relying vacant upon.

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